Our Services

WSC works on a daily basis with Members of Congress and decision makers throughout the Executive Branch departments to influence legislation and regulations of importance to our clients.

Absent an intimate understanding of how legislation is drafted, from sponsorship to committee to floor debate, and how its final content is ultimately determined by key players, efforts to influence policymaking can be easily frustrated. We bring an informed perspective to the task of shaping that process to benefit your organization.

The WSC team possess the experience and know-how to avoid common outsider mistakes while piloting sensitive efforts through appropriate governmental channels, representing your interests in Washington with the reputation and network required to get your message heard.

We have considerable experience negotiating the hurdles that face any organization attempting to affect policy and legislation, and we leverage our close contacts with key legislators and officials on behalf of your strategic interests.

Our extensive work drafting legislation and regulatory proposals and subsequently navigating them through the complex and cumbersome legislative and regulatory processes has reshaped financial and competitive environments to the advantage of our clients and the industries in which they operate. Read our success stories.


Advice and Counsel: Exceptional insider guidance on how to approach and influence the legislative process to achieve your organization’s goals.

Policy and Legislation Drafting: Applied strategic experience translating your policy objectives into precise, contextual language with the highest chance of being adopted.

Access to Key Stakeholders: Direct, in-person and onsite conversations with the Washington players you’ll need on your side.

Committed Long-Range Advocacy: Dedicated advocacy throughout the complex legislative life cycle to ensure the greatest chance of success in a dynamically shifting environment.

Numerous organizations from across the nation have engaged WSC to successfully develop and execute meetings, conferences, and other events on Capitol Hill and around the Washington, DC area. Our team has a proven command of the variables that often make the difference between a routine function and a memorable, interactive event that facilitates partnerships and promotes community spirit.

Our years of experience, attention to detail, key contacts with DC-area vendors in every category, and encyclopedic knowledge of appropriate sites for hosting successful gatherings make WSC the perfect choice for planning and managing your event.

In addition to material and logistical support, WSC often participates in events as expert speakers on a host of public policy issues. We are asked to share our intelligence on developing legislative trends, to discuss matters involving advocacy and funding opportunities, and to offer education on selected topics for which our reporting and analysis have been engaged.

WSC has successfully executed dozens of high-profile meetings, conferences, and Capitol Hill Advocacy Days. This includes managing every detail of an official Inaugural Ball in 2009. Celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama, the Ball was attended by more than 1,500 people, including Members of the US Senate, US House, and other prominent public officials.


Audience Coordination: Assembling guest lists that reflect optimal involvement of key stakeholders while satisfying the nuanced requirements of Washington etiquette.

Presentations and Education: Delivering polished, educational presentations on general matters concerning policymaking and fundraising, as well as specific topics of interest to the client’s audience.

Venue Management: Identifying the most appropriate environment for your meeting or conference, including comprehensive management of all onsite logistics.

Vendor Selection: Coordinating and managing all local vendors necessary to execute a successful event, from catering and staffing to transportation and security.

WSC draws upon 30 years of combined experience working on complex public policy matters inside and outside of government to provide ongoing advice and counsel on the legislative, regulatory, and public policy matters impacting our clients.

Our team offers a comprehensive set of services designed to deliver in-depth research and unparalleled perspectives on the key issues driving policy decisions at the federal and local levels. Our clients rely on our in-depth analysis to help them make strategic decisions about current policy initiatives and to predict ways those trends can affect their organization’s position in the future.

WSC focuses on determining the public policy developments most relevant to your organization’s short- and long-term objectives and identifying the underlying interests and political considerations influencing those developments. We surface the data and background materials necessary to understand how relevant policies are being shaped, synthesizing it with real-time considerations of the shifting Washington landscape to deliver informed, action-oriented analyses.

As your full-service policy advisor inside the beltway, WSC offers more than analysis of publicly available data. We are available to monitor complex congressional legislative activity, attend relevant committee hearings, mark-ups, and floor activity, and provide you with extensive written reports and analyses unavailable to Washington outsiders. Read our publications.


Advice and Counsel: An experienced and nuanced perspective on managing your organization’s success in light of current developments in relevant public policy matters.

Research and Analysis: In-depth, contextual, and data-driven analyses of complex public policy, legislative, and regulatory matters.

Policy Trend Monitoring: Informed assessments of public policy trends and the factors that affect their directions and outcomes.

Real-Time Policy Developments: Immediate insight from personal onsite monitoring of hearings, floor activity, and other events shaping policy in Washington.

WSC produces a variety of intelligence designed to keep our clients abreast of major legislative and policy developments inside the Beltway. Our team’s unique perspective and critical analysis is fueled by our proximity to the processes that shape public discourse.

We leverage our access to evolving discussions in the Executive and Legislative Branches to offer our clients unprecedented insight into emerging matters likely to influence their policy strategies.

Subject to the individual goals of key stakeholders and the considerations of political power, congressional schedules, and public opinion, policy priorities change continuously. Windows of opportunity to affect debate and secure grant funding open and close according to factors that can be difficult to predict or even identify.

Our Special Reports offer experienced analysis of broader trends affecting policymaking in Washington.

We also regularly conduct issue-specific research for clients, producing unbiased, detailed analyses and reviews of pending legislative and regulatory policies and their potential impact to help them assess risk, develop strategy, and prioritize organizational objectives.


Special Reports: Periodically WSC publishes Special Reports for the benefit of its clients that provide in-depth analysis of key legislative initiatives moving through Congress. Read our latest report.