Do you personally believe in and follow the practice of setting New Year’s Resolutions? How about identifying the two or three keywords that you believe describe the year you have planned for ahead?

Regardless of your belief for your personal life, how do you handle the new calendar year in your professional life? How about your grant seeking efforts?

The WSC team is a strong advocate for the value of pre-planning in order to ensure your success with your federal grant seeking efforts. However, before jumping into the pre-planning process, you need to be grant ready for federal grant applications. And we would be remiss to not highlight that being grant ready for federal grant applications is so much more than online registrations, but also includes having a strong grant team in place prior to beginning the pre-planning process.

With those three key philosophies being integral to your ultimate success when seeking federal grant funding, what does the WSC think could be possible Grant Seeking Resolutions as you begin your 2015 year in your organization?

1. Utilize a Grant Team for All Federal Grant Seeking Efforts

Assemble (or re-evaluate your current) grant team to assist in all federal grant seeking efforts. Grant teams do not need to be formal committees or appear on an organizational chart in order to be effective, but those who are contributing to the team need to be aware of the critical role they play in the grant seeking process.

2. Focus on Grant Readiness Before, During and After Each Application

Assess your grant readiness specific to federal grant applications. Are you ready to successfully manage the funds that you are applying for? Are you up to date on the recent OMB changes that went into effect on December 26, 2014? Are you familiar with what the impact of the DATA Act is on your organization?

Are you looking for a tool to help you assess your grant readiness? Check out the free tool from our team member, Diane H. Leonard, GPC here.

3. Begin Pre-Planning Efforts for All Federal Applications for 2015

Look at your proactive grant seeking calendar (which should be a key piece of your proactive grant seeking strategy) and where your anticipated federal grant applications will fall in 2015. Start your pre-planning at least 60 days in advance of the RFP/NOFA/FOA release. Bring your collaborative partners to the table in that pre-planning time and discuss roles and responsibilities.

Do those resolutions feel manageable to you? Do you need some additional tools or guidance to work through them as you implement them with your organization? Contact the WSC team for a free consultation on how we can assist you in achieving the integration of these three resolutions into your grant seeking strategy for 2015.

Interested in seeing how other grant professionals handle New Year’s Resolutions in their organization? We encourage you to join us for #grantchat (A weekly Twitter chat for grant professionals from all walks of life: *TOMORROW* at 12pm EST as we discuss New Year’s Resolutions for Grant Professionals.