Washington Strategic Consulting (WSC) regularly conducts comprehensive reviews, assessments, and evaluations of the grant funding potential for organizations of all sizes.

A final, detailed report provides the organization with a roadmap for maximizing its grant funding capabilities through the strategic identification and pursuit of all available and meaningful federal, state, and private grant funding opportunities that present a reasonable probability of a successful outcome.

The final report categorizes for the organization previously unidentified and/or unexplored grant funding sources and opportunities that align with the organization’s mission and address the goals and objectives of the organization’s various programs and services.

WSC’s examination of an organization utilizes a three-step process:

1.   Environmental Scan – WSC reviews each of the organization’s programs and services to understand the respective program goals, objectives, activities, target population served, personnel needs, facility requirements, outcomes, existing  partnerships, and funding sources.    This information is obtained by thoroughly reviewing project narratives and concepts, administering a customized online questionnaire developed by WSC, and via an in-person or “virtual” site-visit to conduct follow-up interviews with the organization’s leadership and program managers.

2.   Gap Analysis – WSC identifies federal, state, and/or private funding sources and opportunities that align with the goals and objectives of the organization’s identified projects and services and that meet specific programmatic, personnel, community outreach, training, evaluation, and/or capital  needs.  WSC utilizes  a  variety  of proprietary research methods to gather this intelligence.

3.   Recommendation Actions – WSC provides a thorough analysis of the results of the environmental scan and gap analysis and offers a series of recommended actions designed to augment the organization’s grants program and increase the level of funding secured from grantors to support, enhance, and expand the organization’s various programs and services.

Contact Kyle Mulroy at (202) 207-3655 / kmulroy@wscdc.com for more information.